Designed with Patients and Clinicians in Mind

Learn about our founding story and design process to change spine care for the next generation of personalized treatments

Experience Driven

Our Design Process


(Current Phase) Data collection and experimentation for further refinement to improve the system


Designing protectable and scalable solutions with the end user in mind


Over 200+ stakeholder interviews from patients to providers and all those in between


Thousands of hours of combined clinical observation and root cause analysis

Passion for Patient Care

Founding Story

Our founding team met at the Johns Hopkins Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design. Where they spent months at Johns Hopkins Hospital working to identify and address the largest unmet clinical needs in the spine space. After applying a thorough biodesign analysis, the team identified a core challenge in the way that spine patient pathways are planned. Dr. Nicholas Theodore, a key leader in the spinal innovation space, immediately recognized the passion of the team and the potential improvement in patient lives that CurveAssure could create.

Our Culture

Innovative & Passionate

We embrace creativity, collaboration, and a passion for spine care


We tackle complex challenges together; this requires a tremendous amount of courage, passion, and elbow grease. We do not give up, because we know our mission to improve patients' lives is one that is worthy of a ferocious fight.


The work we do is not possible without a diverse team. We actively work to foster a culture and a workplace where everyone feels respected. We do not tolerate discrimination of any form.


Every single person that is a part of this pathway has key things to teach us. We must always listen attentively to those we work with and those whom we work to serve to ensure we are addressing the biggest problems in spine care.


Our work must be to the highest standard and take every effort to ensure the safety of our patients.

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