At-Home Spinal Assessment

Reimagining spinal care by unlocking data-driven dynamic insights with our cutting-edge, non-invasive system

A gif showing the CurveAssure system at work. A patient is wearing the non-invasive sensors and they are providing metrics for the doctor to use in their evaluation.

Spinal Assessments

A non-invasive system in development for long-term dynamic biomechanical evaluation of the spine. Giving clinicians and patients a new level of treatment insight.

48-Hours Continuous Collection

Comprehensive and accurate assessments for enhanced decision-making.

Cloud Based Secure Processing

Fast and reliable data processing to optimize operations and streamline workflows.

Easy to Interpret Summary

Effortless communication about collected metrics for healthcare professionals and patients.

Powerful Data Analysis

Advanced dynamic analysis tools deliver in-depth insights, enabling providers to pinpoint crucial trends for tailored treatments.

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